Supply Chain

ESKA® Supply Chain
Supply Chain Management System

ESKA® SCM (Supply Chain Management) system provides industry-specific solutions and processes enabling organizations and customers obtain better information and make smarter decisions to achieve best possible results.

ESKA® SCM provides best-of-breed applications in inventory & item management, procurement, sales management, point of sale, and maintenance management.

ESKA® SCM fully integrates with the ESKA Fleet Management system for optimized logistics operations management.

  • Multi plants and unlimited locations
  • Industry-specific capabilities
  • Performance optimization
  • Instant financial and stock transactions and calculations
  • Stock Management
  • Goods movement management and analysis
  • Suppliers and procurement Management
  • Sales Planning, Controlling, and Management
  • Products Management
  • Delivery and Production Management

ESKA® SCM Modules

Our Customers
Our Customers
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