Revenue Management

  • Patient Billing
    • Manage financial payments, invoices, e-claims and insurance reports all from one place
    • Unify all financial processes and patient accounts setting insurance agreements with discounts, copayments, agreed tariff, CPT and ICD approvals
    • Generate patient’s bill based on patient type: cash, insured, or corporate taking into account the copayment, limits and discounts
    • Automate medical bills, generate invoices and receive alerts for payment amounts due
  • Claim Management
    • Track claims and manage the whole claim lifecycle from generation through auditing, submission, and resubmission to payment collection
    • Handle insurance pre-authorizations requests and send insurance feedback to physicians
    • Audit the generated claims against coding standards and medical records to fix and prepare them for submission
    • Calculate and evaluate claims before sending to payers
  • Contract Management
    • Manage all payers, their price lists and contracts to automate claim generation and speed up the collection process
  • Package Management
    • Offer your patients packages with any promotion or group of services saving cost, time, and effort in calculating discounts and creating reports
  • Financial Integration
    • Full integration with ESKADENIA Financial system, ESKA® Business Manager, where all invoices and payments transactions are reflected to their mapped chart of accounts and payers’ customers
Our Customers
Our Customers
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