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Qatrana Cement launches its new website using ESKADENIA® CMS
Qatrana Cement a leading Cement manufacturer established in Jordan in 2007 with an investment of 500 million US Dollars, has launched a new Internet website based on the state of the art ESKA® Content Management System.
The purpose of launching the new Qatrana Cement’s Internet website is to upgrade the internet website design and technology and to more effectively communicate to the market the wide range of high quality cement product portfolio manufactured according to the highest industry specifications and using the highest quality standards in all stages of production.
As Qatrana Cement aims to achieve sustainable excellence in all their activities, ESKADENIA Software’s development team designed a user-friendly interface, with a full control over web presence, through content administration and structured management modules. The web portal offers a wide range of functions, features and simplicity through clear promotional illustrations and pictures of the final products, the manufacturing process and the company’s activities. The website’s structure allows users to browse effectively, and find needed or desired information through among others the products’ categories.
Lina Masarweh, Web and Digital Designer at ESKADENIA Software, commented “It was my pleasure to work with such an innovative client such as Qatrana Cement and to provide them with a website experience that reflects the essence of their industry.”

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